Wine Cellar


As the creation of your wine cellar nears completion for your Home or Restaurant, a profound sense of satisfaction will envelop you and your loved ones, affirming the excellence of your choice.

A wine cellar transcends mere property enhancement—it becomes the heart of your home, sparking endless conversations and forging unforgettable memories. It’s a portal to those magical evenings filled with laughter, love, and the rich taste of quality wine, rekindling the warmth of gatherings with family and friends.

In collaboration with La Vielle Garde, Quebec’s most revered wine cellar manufacturer, we offer you not just expertise but a promise of trust and reliability in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Whether you dream of an intimate cellar beginning at around $25,000 or envision a grand sanctuary for your wine collection, you are in the right place.

With us, your vision will be nurtured and brought to life, creating a space where moments aren’t just captured but are beautifully aged, much like the finest of wines.

(LVG) La Vielle Garde
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